Plexmaster - Quick

Worked satisfactorily Plexmaster quality,
simplest dissambly of the complete frontwindow over safe high-speed clamping system. Additional experimental setups, also without take off the complete hood possible. Sensitive applications thereby for safe and faster adaptable, an advantage that makes itself fast paid!

Plexmaster Quick Glovebox
Highest quality by use crystal-clear Plexiglas™ of German production and manufacturing.
The Plexmaster product row, stands for a maximum at quality and functionality and that already for over 30 years.

The constant adjustment of the requirements at security and development, has build a product which all criteria fulfilled and still, thanks of its execution and quality do not need to shrink from a comparison.
Since introduction anno 1970 from the today's Plexmasterproduct row within the range acrylic glass boxes the basis of a multiplicity of applications from the ranges research, development and production.
Among the circle of the users, rank beside takeful universities and institutions, equally research laboratories like also operators to industrial manufacturing of sensitive products.

A series concept oriented at practice, forms the basis of a constantly rising acceptance.
So, the Plexmaster gloveboxe is available with removable hood and stainless-steel soil and/or complete in closed designe out of Plexiglas™ with removable windshield.
In order to correspond to the requirements, boxes with 2 or 3 gloves stand next to each other and for reciprocal operation with up to 6 gloves to the selection.
On to Plexmaster box row co-ordinated, accessories assortment contains all necessary otions and secures always fastest possible availability.