Glovebox out of PMMA
with stainless steel soil or in fully plastic execution.

PLEXMASTER series contains a broad spectrum at proven enclosure technology for research, development an production.

Gloveboxes of the design Plexmaster, are primarily, conceived for individuals and product in pure areas.
Beside the isolator enterprise, Plexmaster is naturally, also capable of the enterprise under flowing inert gases.
Favourably, not only the full look through, weight-optimized Design makes Plexmaster for quasi mobile clean room station.

Practice oriented accessories assortment makes adaptation of different air-locks, installation components possible.
Comfortable spare parts catalog makes efficient supplementory order to all system relevant attachments possible, also after years!
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Glovebox line acrylic

Plexmaster product row:
Pro,-Quick,-Both,-II ....

Always the optimal concept, for each application, for each product, for each area.
Product row available in 13 different remarks also over 50 different installations.
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Glovebox / glove-box /
glove box

Plexmaster II
GMP fair execution by new,
cleaning optimized design in fully Plexiglas™.
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Stainless steel gloveboxes
For all applications and designs, humidification, drying and cleaning systems, directly from manufacturer. CE/DIN/GMP/FDA.... concurring gloveboxes and glove-box systems in single and modular building methods.
Cleanroom inventory.
SS/acrylic shelves, tables, gloveboxes, isolators, vaccum-pumps, components and accessories.

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